Trend Micro Leverages AI to Advance Cybersecurity and Enhance Protection

In conversation with Security MEA, Bilal Baig, the Technical Director for MEA at Trend Micro, discusses the company’s extensive cybersecurity journey, particularly highlighting the launch of their flagship unified cybersecurity platform, Trend Vision One, in the UAE. This development addresses the challenge of leveraging cloud technologies while ensuring compliance with UAE regulations.

With Vision One, Trend Micro empowers regulated industries and all customers seeking cloud-powered cybersecurity solutions. Built on cutting-edge AI technology, Vision One integrates attack surface risk management, XDR, network security, email security, and hybrid cloud security into a sophisticated next-generation SOC environment. It offers a unified view of cybersecurity events across diverse domains, catering to various sectors such as banking, government, defence, commercial, and SMBs.

Unlike previous siloed approaches, Vision One provides a holistic perspective, enhancing detection and response capabilities. Moreover, Trend Micro emphasizes its hybrid approach, offering both cloud and on-premises technologies to meet diverse cybersecurity needs. Baig also discusses the significance of AI in cybersecurity, highlighting its role in providing security for AI models and ensuring data integrity.

Trend Micro’s ASRM (Attack Surface Risk Management) also provides organizations with AI-driven risk indices, enabling informed decision-making and proactive cybersecurity investments. Overall, Baig underscores Trend Micro’s commitment to advancing cybersecurity through innovative solutions like Vision One and leveraging AI to enhance protection and decision-making processes.