CyberHive to Block Current and Future Cyber Threats for UAE businesses

UK-based cyber security company CyberHive is launching a complete suite of threat protection modules to block current and future cyber threats to UAE businesses. As part of the launch, CyberHive focuses on CyberHive Connect, the company’s flagship product, which offers real-time intrusion detection and verification technology to protect networks from cyber threats.

CyberHive Connect helps enterprises move to zero trust architecture, as institutions such as the US White House Homeland Security Department, CISA, and the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre recommend. Traditional vendors make this difficult and expensive to implement. Still, CyberHive Connect can be quickly and easily overlaid on top of existing security solutions with no disruption to normal business operations.

The simple, straightforward, easy-to-install, resilient and scalable program is based on a secure software-defined mesh network. This means network behaviour – such as routing decisions and network policies – is securely controlled by software rather than hardware, allowing for easier updates, scalability and management.

The software’s lightweight design is optimised for expansive corporate networks and remote IoT devices, ensuring top-tier security without compromising usability or network performance.

Centralised administration allows for straightforward deployment across client devices and endpoints. It is fully compatible with existing single sign-on (SSO) authentication systems and can be used with traditional VPN solutions without disruption.

CyberHive Connect also meets the stringent security requirements of most sectors, particularly those managing critical infrastructure or handling highly sensitive data. It includes quantum-safe cryptographic encryption algorithms, which not only adhere to, but exceed, current industry security standards and compliance requirements set by bodies such as NIST, ensuring future-proof security.

Ben Locke, GCC Distributor, CyberHive, says, “We are launching in Dubai because it has long been globally renowned as a city of the future, a smart technology and innovation hub, and an environment that welcomes cutting-edge technologists. CyberHive answers all the questions on how best to protect this wonderful city, its businesses, organisations and people from the ever-growing risk of cyberattacks.

“Dubai’s commitment to establishing itself as a global innovation hub is evident in initiatives like the Dubai Future Foundation and the Area 2071 project, which foster an environment where businesses can harness the latest technologies and ideas. We stand ready to ensure businesses are fully protected from evolving cyber threats; that they can trust that their data is secure but accessible while reducing the administrative burden.”

Locke adds, “While most security companies try to prevent bad things from happening, CyberHive assumes they are happening and protects against them at an atomic level.  This puts businesses back in control of their data. The phrase at the heart of our zero-trust approach is ‘Never Trust, Always Verify.’

Cyber security has always been about building a bigger and stronger wall – with the enterprise always being behind the attacker in the cyber arms race. CyberHive takes a different approach by hiding the entry points and checking every transaction. How do you pick a lock that you can’t see?

“We are re-imagining cyber security, by moving away from suggesting networks need protection through ‘bigger walls and bigger locks’, to a situation where, thanks to CyberHive Connect, potential cyber criminals can’t even see the enterprise ‘walls and gates’ to attack,” he added.