SLC conducts Cybercrimes and Digital Investigations workshop

The Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai (SLC) conducted an awareness workshop titled ‘Cybercrimes and Digital Investigations’. The workshop was designed to disseminate legal and legislative knowledge among government employees. A large number of attendees from various government entities in Dubai participated in the virtual workshop.

Dr. Faisal Hassan Al Omari, an SLC legal advisor, led the workshop, covering various areas, including ways to establish and develop an administrative, legal, and technical system for conducting digital investigations into cybercrimes with the aim of combatting them. Dr. Al Omari underscored the importance of identifying and determining all aspects and inputs pertaining to this system. The workshop further explored ways to enhance the knowledge of concerned officials at judicial bodies to better equip them for combatting cybercrimes, financial corruption, money laundering, and drug and psychotropic substances trafficking and trading. Furthermore, the workshop discussed various opportunities to leverage the latest technological innovations, such as AI tools, in fighting cybercrimes by minimising or eliminating risk factors. Additionally, the workshop covered the objectives and procedures involved in digital investigations, as well as the skills required for digital forensic investigators.

Commenting on the workshop, H.E. Ahmad bin Meshar Al Muhairi, SLC Secretary General, said: “The workshop provided an excellent platform for exchanging viewpoints and ideas on strategies to strengthen the legislative framework amidst the rising cybersecurity challenges and the increasing reliance on digital platforms. He noted that the workshop contributed to promoting legal awareness and legislative knowledge on digital legislation and cybercrime among government officials in Dubai, underscoring the significance of legislation in bolstering Dubai’s global leadership position in development, safety, and security.

Dr. Al Omari underscored the pivotal role that ongoing advances in information technology and its applications play in driving progress across diverse sectors. However, alongside these advances, there has been a surge in cybercrimes and digital security threats, necessitating the development of counter strategies to enhance readiness to mitigate these risks. Al Omari stated that the workshop primarily focused primarily on modern concepts and trends in combatting cybercrimes, and collecting and preserving the integrity of, forensic evidence.

He also showcased instances of cybercrimes spanning computers, the internet, and mobile devices. Furthermore, Dr. Al Omari stressed the importance of raising awareness about cybercrimes that could undermine societal security, disrupt digital service channels, and impede the capacity of business environments to attract investments.