Cybereason unveils ‘Pay as you Grow’ program for MSSPs

Cybereason has announced it has launched a ‘Pay as you Grow’ program (PAYG) for Managed Security Services Providers (MSSPs), which provides the company’s most trusted partners and solution providers with financial flexibility to increase their margins and profitability.

The PAYG program is available for Elite and Premier Cybereason MSSP partners and offers several tiers designed to help them grow their business, depending on the goals of their business today and where it is going tomorrow. The program is designed to increase partner flexibility through a monthly billing model based on the number of endpoint sensors in use as opposed to annual subscriptions.

“Participating partners in Cybereason’s Pay as you Grow program benefit from a billing process that allows them to buy like they sell, in a monthly fee based on usage, enabling them to increase profits as they grow their business,” said Stephan Tallent, Vice President, MSSP, Cybereason. “Additional advantages include a seamless tracking and billing model that creates an opportunity for MSSPs to support and secure customers of all sizes, without high contractual obligations to Cybereason.”

The PAYG program also creates a competitive advantage for MSSP partners, including:
● Reduced barriers to entry for MSSPs looking to sell Cybereason solutions
● A viable migration option for partners using competitor PAYG programs
● A simplified licensing model and incentives for partners to accelerate the growth of their Cybereason business
● Access to dedicated support resources

“Elite and Premier partners will benefit from the new PAYG program, and joining Cybereason in the collective effort to end cyberattacks against our joint customers will force adversaries to move on in search of easier targets,” added Tallent.