Group-IB’s Threat Intelligence & Attribution comply with the US regulator recommendations

Group-IB announced that its Threat Intelligence & Attribution system has been found compliant with the recommendations issued by United States Department of Justice for cybersecurity and cyber intelligence companies.

Based on innovative technologies confirmed by over 30 patents worldwide, Group-IB TI&A is intended for collecting data on threats and attackers relevant for a specific organization, examining of and proactive hunting for hackers, and the protection of the network infrastructure.

The recommendations of the US Department of Justice (Legal Considerations when Gathering Online Cyber Threat Intelligence and Purchasing Data from Illicit Sources (Version 1.0, February 2020) are the world’s first-ever set of rules describing the principles of private companies in gathering cyber intelligence data. The document seeks to regulate this process with the aim of reducing legal risks for companies involved in the research into online threats on darknet forums.

The independent assessment of Group-IB Threat Intelligence & Attribution technologies was carried out by one of the Big Four accounting companies and has proved Group-IB’s conformity with industry recommendations for gathering cyber threat intelligence data.

As part of the assessment, independent experts analyzed the ways Group-IB gets access to closed web resources and obtains information on them, as well as internal policies and procedures implemented by the company to regulate the above-mentioned processes.

Group-IB aims to ensure the security of its customers at the highest level. The compliance with the recommendations of the US regulator on gathering cyber threat intelligence data reflects the maturity of the company’s internal policies and its commitment to universal principles recognized in the cybersecurity community.” said Dmitry Volkov, Group-IB CTO.