BeyondTrust unveils robust Privilege Management SaaS

BeyondTrust has announced the new Privilege Management SaaS, supporting Windows desktops/servers and MacOS. By delivering its leading Endpoint Privilege Management solution via a SaaS management platform, BeyondTrust is making it even easier for customers to eliminate unnecessary privileges and stop malicious attacks by enforcing least privilege on Windows and Mac systems.

With full management capabilities in the cloud, BeyondTrust gives customers the best the cloud has to offer — high availability, security, access, and scalability, while removing the overhead of managing infrastructure. For organizations looking to reduce privileged access risks without adding administrative and financial burdens on their organization, BeyondTrust’s SaaS solutions feature rapid deployment and make managing privileged access easier and more cost-effective. Additionally, the SaaS offering is available in a subscription model, allowing customers to pay only for what they need and expand with their business.

“Security and IT teams are struggling to manage ageing software and hardware, while pressured by the business to rollout new solutions and versions with little to no disruption,” said Daniel DeRosa, Senior Vice President and Chief Product Officer at BeyondTrust. “Our new Privilege Management SaaS offering ensures that no valuable time is lost, and employee productivity is maximized. With our PAM SaaS solutions, businesses get the best of both worlds, removing the burden of managing their infrastructure while enjoying the feature-richness of the cloud.”

Key features of Privilege Management SaaS:

• QuickStart: Achieve least privilege overnight without the productivity impact on employees by simply assigning users to high, medium or low flexibility roles based on users’ requirements.
• Smart Reports: Access granular event and process data to inform targeted policy changes or monitor trends to track rollout success over time.
• Easy Deployment: With our Software-as-a-Service model, organizations can be pushing policy and achieving least privilege across the business within hours.
• Trusted App Protection: Protect the most targeted applications by blocking common attack vectors which can succeed even with least privilege access.
• Policy Edit: Use the insights gained from reporting to quickly and easily create policy revisions which can be tested and rolled out to endpoints as required.
• Policy Groups: Make the estate even easier to manage by grouping endpoints by policy need and targeting policy changes and updates at group level instead of across the entire organization.

Privilege Management is a key part of the BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management portfolio — an integrated solution that provides visibility and control over all privileged accounts and users. By uniting the broadest set of privileged security capabilities, BeyondTrust’s Universal Privilege Management approach simplifies deployments, reduces costs, improves usability, and reduces privilege risks.

Privilege Management SaaS will be available mid-Q2 2020.