Mimecast joins IBM Security app exchange

Mimecast launched the Mimecast for IBM QRadar, which integrates email security data into IBM’s security intelligence technology. The Mimecast for IBM QRadar app is designed to offer organizations better detection and deeper insights before, during and after an attack. Leveraging Mimecast’s new open application programming interface (API), the Mimecast for IBM QRadar app is engineered to allow Mimecast and IBM customers to better predict and prioritize what threats to remediate by providing greater visibility into potential incidents.

Related events are grouped together and tracked as the threat progresses through the kill chain, helping enable security teams to gain prioritized alerts based on severity. These alerts help security teams to respond faster and with more certainty, which helps contain and limit the impact of an attack. Additionally, joint customers can benefit from an increased security posture by leveraging one single system for threat intelligence and response, which now can include Mimecast security intelligence.

“Attack methods are quickly evolving and growing more advanced, targeted and dangerous. Organizations are seeking out solutions to augment a defense strategy, but at the same time are challenged with siloed security products which offer little-to-no visibility, which makes it increasingly difficult to ensure they are identifying incoming threats and prioritizing investigations,” said Christina Van Houten, Chief Strategy Officer, Mimecast. “Mimecast’s integration with IBM QRadar technology gives joint customers the visibility they need to help speed up the incident response process by cutting down the ‘noise’ with prioritized in-depth forensic analysis, all through one central security console.”