OPSWAT Achieves 100% Protection And Accuracy Score From SE Labs

OPSWAT has announced that it has achieved a 100% Protection and Accuracy Score from SE Labs, an independently owned and run testing company that assesses security products and services. OPSWAT is the first company to achieve this rating in CDR testing.

Cybercriminals frequently exploit vulnerabilities using file-based threats to compromise system security and execute malicious activities on a user’s device or network. OPSWAT’s Deep CDR employs a prevention-based approach and treats every file as a potential threat. By dissecting files into discrete components, eliminating potentially harmful or out-of-policy objects, and reconstructing usable files while preserving functionality, OPSWAT ensures comprehensive protection without compromising file integrity.

SE Labs tested using Office documents, archive files, and others such as images, web pages, and LNK link files, and with a malware component that would give the testers remote access to the victim if they opened the file. SE Labs then scored two aspects of OPSWAT’s Deep CDR: Protection Accuracy to score the ability to eliminate threats, and Legitimate Accuracy to score the preservation of useful components. OPSWAT Deep CDR achieved 100% in both categories, demonstrating its capability to ensure both security and file integrity. Its unique approach of discarding non-compliant parts while maintaining the usability of compliant components contributed to its perfect score.

“SE Labs runs the most advanced and challenging security tests publicly available. We commend OPSWAT for submitting its CDR solution to this extremely tough assessment and for performing so well,” said Simon Edwards, CEO and founder of SE Labs. “We rigorously evaluated Deep CDR’s capabilities, focusing on its ability to pre-empt disruptions to productivity, safeguard data integrity and comprehensively eradicate malware threats.”

“At OPSWAT, we are dedicated to delivering prevention-based cybersecurity solutions that go beyond detection and exceed industry standards. The achievement of 100% Protection and Legitimate Accuracy Scores from SE Labs is a testament to the efficacy of our Deep CDR technology in mitigating file-based threats,” said Benny Czarny, Founder and CEO at OPSWAT. “We remain committed to empowering organisations with the best-in-class technology to safeguard their critical environments with peace of mind.”

OPSWAT Deep CDR forms an essential component of our MetaDefender platform that powers a variety of OPSWAT’s solutions where file-based threats can pose a risk to critical environments – whether that’s through web applications, emails, peripheral and removable media like USBs, or other methods. It supports over 150 file types, recursively disarms objects in complex files, integrates with OPSWAT Multi-scanning for comprehensive threat detection and prevention, and provides detailed reports of disarmed components.

OPSWAT’s collaboration with SE Labs is a testament to its dedication to pioneering CDR technology, shielding organisations with innovative regeneration-based solutions over traditional detection-based methods.