Cloudflare’s Digital Experience Monitoring Now In Open Beta

Cloudflare has announced that its Digital Experience Monitoring solution is now in open beta. Cloudflare’s Digital Experience Monitoring (DEX) product gives teams of any size the same toolkit that the company uses to measure its own global network that powers nearly one-fourth of the Internet each day. Customers of Cloudflare One can now measure the experience that their team members have connecting to the Internet – whether they need that data for troubleshooting, evaluating carrier and ISP performance, or just understanding how their employees work.

Digital Experience Monitoring is an all-in-one dashboard that helps CIOs understand how critical applications and Internet services are performing across their entire corporate network. When employees left the office in 2020, IT teams suddenly lost crucial visibility, slowing them down, wasting countless hours in the investigation, and clogging up valuable resources with maintenance.

Bashar Bashaireh, Managing Director for Middle East & Turkey at Cloudflare says, “Operating like an air traffic control for the modern network, Cloudflare Experience Monitoring is crucial to keep up with today’s distributed workforce, empowering IT teams and equipping them with the intelligence and insights captured by Cloudflare’s global network to collect, detect, and surface issues before businesses even know something is wrong.”

According to Gartner, “by 2026, at least 60% of I&O leaders will use Digital Experience Monitoring to measure application, services and endpoint performance from the user’s viewpoint, up from less than 20% in 2021.” Existing Cloudflare One users can now log in to their dashboard and navigate to the DEX Beta section – no activation is needed to get started.

As part of the launch, the company is introducing Fleet Status. Fleet Status provides real-time insights into the status of all of the company’s client devices’ connection, mode, and location on both a global and per-device basis. This is achieved via Cloudflare WARP. Cloudflare WARP is a client which allows companies to protect corporate devices by securely and privately sending traffic from those devices to Cloudflare’s global network, where Cloudflare Gateway can apply advanced web filtering. The WARP client also makes it possible to apply advanced Zero Trust policies that check for a device’s health before it connects to corporate applications. Fleet Status, with its data visualizations, detailed per-device views, and time-series charts, transforms the way administrators understand their deployment.