Cybersecurity Leaders To Speak at KB4-CON EMEA 6 October

KnowBe4 will be hosting its 2nd annual virtual cybersecurity conference, KB4-CON EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). The virtual event will be held on 6 October this year.

KB4-CON EMEA is designed for CISOs, security awareness training administrators and all other cybersecurity professionals. Morning sessions, from 10:00am to 1:30pm, are open to all. Optional product demos will be available, with access to KnowBe4 product training and best practices, and valuable opportunities to network with industry peers. Two afternoon sessions, starting at 1:30, will be limited to KnowBe4 customers and partners.

KnowBe4 CEO Stu Sjouwerman said the event is an extension of KB4-CON U.S., which had more than 10,000 registrants this year. “The inaugural KB4-CON EMEA, last year, had 6,000 registrants, with 94% of attendees rating it eight or above out of 10. These events clearly bring value to the cybersecurity communities, not just in access to industry leaders and new insights, but also in opportunities to network with industry peers. So, we have established them as annual events, and look forward to connecting more closely with our communities in these areas.”