Nozomi to be present at MENA ISC 2022 in Riyadh

Nozomi Networks today announced that it will be present at the 10th edition of the MENA Information Security Conference 2022 (MENA ISC) starting today. The two day event is held at the Hilton Riyadh Hotel and Residences in Saudi Arabia.
The company will highlight its rich portfolio of leading security solutions and the benefits they offer to critical infrastructure owners/operators, as the threat landscape evolves and becomes more challenging. Leveraging its vast knowledge of OT environments (oil & gas, electricity distribution etc), Nozomi Networks is well placed to advise and develop protection around IoT and IT environments, particularly as the convergence of OT, IoT and IT becomes more commonplace within a growing array of critical infrastructure.

Smart cities, smart grids, smart manufacturing, and smart healthcare are all verticals that leverage IoT platforms and IT integration to not only reduce costs but respond faster and more efficiently to market and user demands. These verticals, and several others, are growing at a rapid pace in the Kingdom, as the country strives to diversify its economy away from fossil fuels in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 strategic framework. Concurrently, the threat landscape is evolving at a breakneck pace, which means securing all manners of digital environments is absolutely critical.

Nozomi Networks’ Osamah Al-Fardan, Regional Sales Engineer, Saudi Arabia and Usamah Al Ridwan, Regional Sales Director, Saudi Arabia will present a technical workshop at 10am on Day 2 of the event (7 September) on “ICS Cybersecurity between Regulation & Reality”. Nozomi Networks’ participation is in support of the Kingdom’s ambitions to embrace technology and digital transformation, as part of larger efforts to diversify its economy in line with the Saudi Vision 2030 strategic framework.

“Today, within any environment, whether it’s an airport, construction site, factory, hospital, shopping mall, smart home etc, there are connected devices as part of converged OT, IoT or IT platforms that could be compromised and turned into a threat against that environment or others. More often than not, even if you are aware of the devices you can see, there may be countless others that you don’t, which can be compromised by threat actors. We are here to give owners and operators the benefit of our experience with what they see and what they don’t, to ensure they have the best protection going forward,” said Usamah Al Ridwan.