SLVA and MazeBolt Technologies to virtually eliminate DDoS attack risks in Africa

SLVA Cybersecurity has been appointed as an official partner for MazeBolt Technologies, a leading cyber security firm with a method patent for DDoS defences, positioning SLVA as a leading integrator of the world’s foremost targeted cyber security solutions.

Patrick Evans, CEO of SLVA Cybersecurity, explains the impact, “DDoS attacks will cost organisations their reputations and their livelihoods, with many unable to recover from the ransom demands or extended system outages, ultimately costing them customers.”

Says Evans, “Following our recent partnership with BullWall, we are very excited to add this industry-leading solution to our cybersecurity suite which will enable clients to become more resilient and ensure business continuity in the face of DDoS, ransom and ransomware attacks.”

DDoS attacks flood servers and online infrastructure with requests for access, slowing down and sometimes completely disabling or cutting off access entirely for the organisation and its customers.

“Though not sophisticated, DDoS attacks are increasingly a decoy for far more severe cybersecurity threats, holding organisations to ransom,” notes Evans.  “The threats cause crippling downtime and costs organisations millions in lost revenue and remediation.”

MazeBolt Technology provides complementary solutions that guard against DDoS attacks to the point of virtual elimination of risk.

MazeBolt technology automatically mitigates DDoS vulnerabilities across the attack surface, eliminating the DDoS risk to less than a 2% chance. Its method patent extends to MazeBolt Radar including the Proactive Feedback Module, which is integrated into an organisation’s existing DDoS mitigation systems. This solution controls and secures the entire production network, anticipating exposures and closing them down in real-time before being exploited.

With more frequent DDoS attacks, even robust threat protection is no longer adequate. “When the risk of a DDoS or ransom attack could result in the complete closure of organisations, from small businesses to enterprises and parastatals, MazeBolt technology is not optional; it is a necessity,” concludes Evans.