Port53 establishes its regional headquarters in Dubai

Port53, a global leader in cyber security solutions and services, has announced the opening of its regional headquarters in Dubai. The company is focused on delivering enterprise-grade, cloud-delivered security solutions that are easy to deploy, simple to manage, and extremely effective, helping customers not only get a big-data and predictive approach to security, but also a more integrated and automated approach.

Announcing the expansion, Omar Zarabi CEO and Founder of Port53, said “As the fast-growing hub for digital transformation services, Dubai serves as an ideal center for us to expand our base across the region and to provide businesses with the entire range of security services. Having opened offices in San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Bangalore and London, it was a natural progression to be in Dubai.”

To address threats such as ransomware, Port53 is partnering with the world’s leading technology providers such as Cisco. Through an in-depth architectural approach, the firm secures businesses from both internal and external breaches, whether caused intentionally or by accident, given that up to 25 percent of all data breaches are caused by employee mistakes, according to the Cost of Data Breach Study by Ponemon.

Port53 provides advanced solutions in detection, mitigation, and response, from the cloud to the endpoint, as well as delivers customized cyber services that meet specific organizational goals. Providing the ultimate enterprise-grade, round-the-clock protections with a full-on Security Operations Center, the tech leader brings solutions that are an ideal fit to the new reality.

Omar Zarabi added: “With new ways of working, including remote access, it is important for businesses to ensure end-to-end security while embracing new digital technologies to drive better business outcomes.

Our solutions not only provide a comprehensive approach to securing the digital ecosystem but ensure a strong, regulatory-compliant, and resilient ecosystem. This in turn gives companies the confidence to continue their digital maturity journey.”