Resecurity displayed AI-powered cybersecurity solutions at Intersec 2022

Resecurity, a cybersecurity and intelligence company, exhibited their solutions and shared their expertise during Intersec 2022 hosted in Dubai. The company also joined Intersec’s inaugural The Cyber Security Lab at the event, where cybersecurity leaders gathered to network and evaluate best practices and tactics to manage evolving cyber threats.

Supported by UAE Cybersecurity Council, Intersec’s Cyber Security Lab focused on investigative techniques, forensic capabilities, and public-private partnerships to prevent cross-border digital terrorism.

“Cyber Security and the protection of digital assets remains top of the Cyber Security Lab agenda with wide global participation which enhances UAE’s position as an international innovative laboratory that presents new tools and advanced technologies capable of facing current and future cyber-attacks worldwide,” said Dr. Mohamed Al Kuwaiti, Head of the UAE Cyber Security Council.

Taking a one-stop-shop approach to risk management, Resecurity exhibited its cybersecurity platform combining risk management and enterprise ecosystem protection at the event. The innovative platform allows administrators to reduce potential blind spots and security gaps by quickly seeing in-depth analysis and specific artifacts obtained through the dark web, botnets activity, network intelligence and high-quality threat intelligence data.

“With cyber threats growing across UAE, there is no better time for industry leaders to connect and learn about their role in building and maintaining a security strategy that will protect their digital ecosystems against threat actors,” said Gene Yoo, CEO of Resecurity. “Resecurity is proud to have participated in Intersec 2022 and honored to share our knowledge and data-driven platforms to help organizations stay safe in today’s digital world.”