CyberKnight becomes Utimaco VAD to accelerate MEA market penetration for the HSM and key management leader

Hardware Security Modules (HSM) protect sensitive assets against disclosure, manipulation, and misuse. To address customer challenges related to generating, safeguarding, and managing cryptographic keys to perform encryption and decryption functions, CyberKnight has signed a distribution agreement with Utimaco, a leading global provider of cybersecurity and compliance solutions, to distribute HSMs and key management solutions in the Middle East.

Based on more than 30 years of experience in hardware-based security, Utimaco have designed and optimized a family of payment and general purpose HSMs, with models that address different levels of performance and physical security for use cases in financial institutions, as well as enterprise and government organizations. In addition, Utimaco products have been protecting people around the world against terrorism and organized crime and have secured private and sensitive data against theft or abuse.

“Utimaco produces the world’s fastest multi-core HSM that can perform upgrades in real-time. That’s four times the power of the closest competitor and with software upgrades in under five minutes, performance is never impacted. We are excited to join forces with Utimaco to provide our customers with such a powerful on-premises HSM, that is also available in a fully containerized cloud version. Utimaco’s key management platform allows organizations to streamline processes and reduce workloads while minimizing costs and risk of human error”, commented Avinash Advani, Founder & CEO at CyberKnight.

“The increased speed of digitization in 2021 in the Middle East increases the need for organizations to define their cloud strategy and make use of the flexibility as well as the potential for cost reduction that an as-a-Service model can offer. This includes security solutions, and we want to provide our customers with the high standard of HSMs in whichever form they need them, be it on premise or in the cloud. We are delighted to partner with CyberKnight to leverage their network of strategic partners, security expertise, and accelerate our expansion plans in the region.”, said Mario Brand, VP Sales EMEA, at Utimaco.