CrowdStrike to participate in GITEX through Cyberknight and AmiViz

Roland Daccache, Systems Engineering Manager, MEA, CrowdStrike, talks to Security MEA on their participation at the most anticipated tradeshow of the year through their distributors and new product announcements.

What does your company do and why is it important for you to be exhibiting at GITEX 2021?
CrowdStrike is a global leader in cybersecurity solutions with a mission to stop modern cyber-attacks. We are excited about the fact that physical, in-person attendance of events is slowly going back to normal in the UAE and aim at connecting with event visitors and partners to discuss their cybersecurity challenges and how we can help them navigate safely towards a more secure state of their digital presence.

What products or solutions will you be exhibiting throughout the weeklong technology show?
This year we have so many new product announcements and platform enhancements that we want to showcase at GITEX. The main topic is around building zero-trust architecture revolving around identity security, with identity threats being the main vehicle for recent sophisticated attacks and it is a top subject on the CISO’s timetable. We will focus this year as well on securing cloud workloads and containerized environments, as it is a key ask from our enterprise customers shifting their digital environment to the cloud. Finally, we will discuss with our clients their visibility, observability, and log management use cases, and announce our latest acquisitions in that space.

Which are the major cybersecurity trends influencing the Middle East?
The Middle East, like the rest of the world this year, was no stranger to a massive uptick in cybercrime activities. The year was marked by a record number of vulnerabilities targeting popular software such as Exchange Servers, Azure DB, as well as very sophisticated attacks that targeted supply chain and managed service providers, Solarwinds and Kaseya immediately come to mind. We have also seen a relentless wave of ransomware attacks that wreaked havoc on networks of businesses of all sizes, and across all sectors. In this regard, we believe that cybersecurity leaders and CISOs’ voices will echo strongly at the board level this year, and we will witness strong trends within the private and public sector around exceptional budgeting towards bolstering cyber-defences, sharpening the cyber security team skills, and revamping the whole cybersecurity strategies.

How does your offerings enable organisations to enhance their cybersecurity preparedness in the new normal?
Organizations of all sizes are stressed about settling in the new cyber world order, where business disruption due to threats and attacks is frequent, and often very costly. At CrowdStrike we have set ourselves on a mission to stop breaches, for a decade, and we continue to evolve without drifting off our core mission. Our platform is uniquely designed to protect our customers’ endpoints, workloads, cloud setups, identity stores, etc. across the entire kill chain, and we continue to innovate our offerings to cater for use cases such as endpoint security, threat intelligence, cloud workload protection, identity protection, vulnerability management, asset management, threat hunting. When we top the aforementioned with our world-class incident response and compromise assessment services, customers who choose CrowdStrike are selecting a cyber security partner that will serve their different use cases for years to come.

What special engagements or events are you planning to network and entertain with your partners and customers besides meeting them at GITEX Technology Week?
We will be participating in GITEX through its distributors Cyberknight and Amiviz. All activities with its partners and customers, for now, will be hosted at the distributors stand.

What does your company hope to achieve at the end of the show?
As is the case in every GITEX show, our aim is to connect with our esteemed clients, prospects and business partners, in a unique networking event, to discuss potential collaboration areas, and demonstrate our immense cyber security capabilities in protecting businesses against the waves of relentless threat actors that are present out there. We are again extremely excited about the return of physical interactions, and we wish GITEX a great success this year as always.

Where can we find you at GITEX? (booth no and hall no)
CyberKnight will be in H1 – D25 / Hall 1 network security hall

AmiViz will be in H1 – B1 / Hall 1 network security and Infrastructure hall