EC-Council partners with SyngyMAXIM to help build cyber infrastructure in MEA

As organizations turn to a hybrid work model, the need for secure infrastructure has become urgent. A critical aspect of any organization’s infrastructure is its people, which is why cybersecurity training for all employees is so important. In response to this, SyngyMAXIM is partnering with EC-Council as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) with the aim of helping businesses in the MEA region complete a secure digital transformation.

Through EC-Council’s end user training program,  Aware, SyngyMAXIM aims to provide a combination of phishing simulations with ready-to-use training modules, anti-phishing preventive controls, and optimum managed services solutions to its clients to create a solid foundation for a stronger cybersecurity infrastructure.

“SyngyMAXIM is helping enterprises in achieving their digital transformation initiatives by recommending and implementing best-fit solutions. Our customers across the Middle East and Africa have been encountering several phishing attacks for many years where a steep surge of incidents is observed during COVID times,” said Mr. Ravi Paleti, CEO, SyngyMAXIM. He added, “Ransomware is demanding businesses to consider putting anti-phishing prevention control mechanisms in place by involving all stakeholders. Our partnership with EC-Council would bring a lot of smiles to our customers. We appreciate EC-Council for building such a robust ecosystem around security practices.”

Commenting on the partnership, Jay Bavisi, President & CEO of EC-Council Group, said, “We are delighted to partner with SyngyMAXIM and are committed to empowering the masses with better cybersecurity solutions. Cybersecurity is not limited to traditional mediums like computers and laptops anymore. It affects our day-to-day lives through all sorts of different devices, and we must prepare to counter these threats. Through Aware and this partnership, we seek to offer a solution that combines simulated phishing attacks with set-and-go training modules. We are confident that through this association and by creating specialized industry solutions for businesses to manage security issues of network devices and systems, we will reach closer to our goal of creating a secure digital atmosphere.”

With the rapid escalation of cybercrimes, security awareness has become a top priority. As organizations turn to cloud-based tools to give employees remote access to often sensitive information, security awareness is more important than ever. EC-Council believes that to prevent cyber incidents, everyone in an organization, from the CEO to the sales staff, must be trained. As an EC-CouncilMSSP Partner, SyngyMAXIM is committed to creating specialized industry solutions for businesses to manage security issues for network devices and systems.