Ivanti acquires RiskSense to revolutionize the patch management market

Ivanti recently announced it has acquired RiskSense, a pioneer in risk-based vulnerability management and prioritization, to drive the next evolution of patch management. This combination will enable organizations to shrink their attack surface, prioritize vulnerabilities to remediate, and reduce their exposure to cyber threats and ransomware attacks by taking a proactive, risk-based approach to patch management. Several robust risk-based vulnerability prioritization and remediation capabilities are already available to Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence customers.

“Over the past two years, cyberattacks such as ransomware have crossed the line from being a nuisance to truly disrupting society,” said Srinivas Mukkamala, CEO of RiskSense. “And unpatched vulnerabilities remain one of the common points of infiltration into organizations’ ecosystems. I’m committed to the global fight against ransomware. And I truly believe that the combination of risk-based vulnerability prioritization and automated patch intelligence can help organizations reduce their exposure and make a major impact in global cyberspace. Together, RiskSense and Ivanti will help customers drive operational efficiencies and defend against the next wave of sophisticated cyber threats, including ransomware attacks.”

Solutions from the combined companies are expected to reduce the mean time to detect, discover, remediate, and respond to cyber threats, particularly critical vulnerabilities linked to or associated with ransomware. Together, Ivanti and RiskSense will provide security and IT teams with context and adaptive intelligence regarding what their organization’s exposures are to vulnerabilities that are being actively exploited, including whether those vulnerabilities are tied to ransomware, and then enable them to quickly remediate those threats. This will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of security and IT operations teams in combatting weaponized vulnerabilities used by cyber adversaries.

“Ivanti has been a leader in patch management for many years, but the acquisition of RiskSense will take our capabilities to an even higher level. This combination will allow us to provide our customers with a holistic view of vulnerabilities and exposures, and then enable them to take fast action through Ivanti Neurons for Patch Intelligence. Customers will be able to greatly reduce their attack surface and risk of breach because of the vulnerability intelligence and the resulting remediation prioritization based on actively trending exploits and ransomware attacks.” said Jim Schaper, Ivanti Chairman and CEO.

“The combination of risk-based vulnerability prioritization and automated patch intelligence is completely unique to the market,” continued Mukkamala. “Ivanti and RiskSense are bringing two powerful data sets together.”

He further added, “Together, Ivanti and RiskSense will enable customers to take the right action at the right time and effectively defend against ransomware, which is the biggest security threat today.”