Vectra AI announces enhanced cloud identity detection capabilities using Azure AD

Vectra AI has announced enhanced cloud identity detection capabilities using Azure AD within its Cognito Detect for Office 365. By integrating at the identity layer, Vectra gives complete cloud-to-ground security coverage over an organization’s entire SaaS ecosystem. This single configuration effectively puts an end to lateral movement between ground and cloud.

With the Vectra extended support for Azure AD, Cognito Detect for Office 365 fills an unanswered security gap by drastically reducing the consequences of a large-scale supply chain breach while offering a simple and comprehensive way to secure users’ cloud identities.

“Organizations must be able to see and stop attacks that have circumvented preventative controls, including multifactor authentication (MFA), to gain access to their network and data. This starts with monitoring account usage for attack behaviour and intent,” said John Mancini, Sr. Product Manager. “By using artificial intelligence to analyze how accounts are being used, we find attack behaviours in Azure AD to detect and stop account takeovers before an attack can compromise SaaS applications. “

Vectra is the first NDR solution to offer universal control over data and identities to meet growing privacy and compliance concerns. Other security solutions require configuration on a per-app basis for security coverage, which is too cumbersome and time-consuming to benefit organizations in the long-run or in the throes of a breach. Vectra integrates directly with Azure AD, giving full coverage of all federated SaaS applications. Stopping attackers earlier in the kill chain.

The rapid cloud migration has led to a massive gap in visibility where traditional security solutions are unable to see what happens in the cloud. To combat this, Vectra offers patented, industry-leading behavioural detections for cloud identity to secure SaaS applications from account takeovers and malicious insider attacks.