Forcepoint and Help AG to host a summit highlighting the future of cybersecurity industry

Forcepoint and Help AG today announced a summit taking place on Tuesday 15 December where cybersecurity professionals can learn more about the future of our industry, and how to take a human-centric approach to cybersecurity. Keynotes will be offered by Forcepoint CEO Matt Moynahan and Help AG CEO Stephan Berner, and attendees will also have the opportunity to hear from Forcepoint and Help AG customers, who will debate the current issues they face when implementing cybersecurity programs in the Middle East.

“At Help AG, we recognize that securing modern businesses is increasingly complex, and so our goal is to simplify cybersecurity for the end customer,” said Stephan Berner, CEO of Help AG. “Whether a customer is seeking to protect valuable data or to secure a newly remote workforce, the end result needs to be the same: peerless connectivity, increased resilience and full security against all threats, even advanced evasion techniques. Forcepoint offers value, support and first-class security solutions, helping our customers transform their cybersecurity to face increasingly sophisticated attacks.”

Mahmoud Samy, VP of Sales, Emerging Region, Forcepoint, said: “Help AG is geared to empowering its customers to achieve their full technological potential, a goal that Forcepoint shares. Enterprises are seeking trusted partners who can reduce the pains of digital transformation, keeping critical data safe while enabling employees to achieve their full capabilities. As business perimeters become more fluid, a converged security architecture is crucial to both address the changing threat landscape, and withstand the speed of customers’ digital transformation journeys.”

Forcepoint customers – the National Bank of Fujairah, Bukhatir Group and Kerzner International – will join the debate in a roundtable to discuss the current cybersecurity issues they face, and how the acceleration of digital transformation now means that enterprises must focus their security resources on understanding the behaviour of people and how they interact with company data.