ESET Middle East in partnership with Credence Security

ESET Middle East has signed a new partnership with Credence Security that is expected to open new doors of opportunities and allow a larger reach for ESET across the region. The distributor believes that its product portfolio complements ESET and its technical expertise combined with an extensive channel network and a strong regional customer base.

Demes Strouthos, General Manager, ESET Middle East says, “ESET is the #1 endpoint security provider in the EU and we believe that constant, real-time, multi-layered protection is required to assure the highest level of security. We provide high levels of protection, backed by over 30 years of research, which allows us to stay ahead of malware and by constantly evolving our technologies, we go beyond the use of standard, static signatures. Our unique combination of endpoint-based and cloud-augmented technologies provide the most advanced security on the market. This partnership with Credence Security will act as a value-add for ESET Middle East which will not only involve distribution through their extensive channel network but also extend to other areas such as technical competency and marketing to be perfectly responsive and ready for market needs and channel requirements.”

Credence Security will work closely with the ESET local team and existing partners to address these security gaps with the ESET Busines Product Suite. In parallel, the company will also look to drive sales of other key ESET solutions such as Cloud Sandboxing, Threat Intelligence and Endpoint Detection and Response.

Garreth Scott, Managing Director, Credence Security

“Credence Security is constantly looking for partners in the cybersecurity space, that have best-in-breed technology. We recently signed a partnership with ESET for Southern Africa, so this is a natural expansion of our partnership as we look to bring best-of-breed technologies to our partners and customers across the Middle East,” commented Garreth Scott, managing director, Credence Security. “Furthermore, EDR is a growing market in the region — we are seeing an increase in demand from our customers for an EDR solution and as a leader in this space, ESET helps address this gap in our portfolio. Finally, given that their portfolio caters to organizations from the SME sector, all the way to the enterprise, it fits nicely with our go-to-market strategy for the region.”

To ensure Credence Security’s partners in the Middle East, quickly skill up on ESET technology and value proposition, Credence Security will be hosting a partner enablement session on Wednesday, October 21 at 14:00 GST. Titled “The Power of Multi-layered Protection”, the session, led by Shabil Basheer, Presales Engineer at ESET who will deep-dive into the technology behind the ESET Protection Suite, discuss how ESET addresses the spectrum of security concerns from internet security to mobile security, and include a demo of real-world attack scenarios. Partners interested in attending the session can register here.