A10 Networks to participate in the virtual MENA Information Security Conference 2020

A10 Networks today announced its participation as a sponsor of the virtual MENA Information Security Conference 2020, that is currently taking place between 5-6 October. This is the fourth year in a row that the company is sponsoring the event.

A10 Networks has a keynote speaking slot with the theme “The Evolution of Networks from Cyber Resistance to Resilience – in an Age of Smart Cities, Digital Economies & IoT,” which will be delivered by Yasir Liaqatullah, VP of Product Management at A10 Networks. Hesham Elsherif, Principal System Engineer at the company will conduct a technical workshop focused on educating attendees about decryption of SSL /TLS flows, which is a pillar of the Zero Trust model.

“Enterprise networks are evolving. IoT’s proliferation is going through the roof, driven by smart city initiatives and industry 4.0. These massive IoT smart devices will inevitably be compromised and will become a zombie army. Legacy solutions involving detection of an attack using sampled traffic and analyzing the data manually will not work as that is akin to finding a needle in a haystack. New solutions need to be inline, ML and AI-based, fully automated, totally integrated and capable of operating at hyperscale.” says Liaqatullah.

“MENA Information Security Conference is one of the region’s premier infosec events. We see it as a great platform to engage in high-level discussions with regional organizations about modern-day security challenges and how they can prepare their networks today for the cyber threats of tomorrow.”

MENA Information Security 2020 is an annual security conference, organized by VirtuPort and hosting world-class keynote speakers, panelists and delegates.