FireEye announces the formation of Mandiant Solutions

FireEye has today announced the formation of Mandiant Solutions. Mandiant Solutions brings together the best expertise-backed products and solutions to empower customers with insights from the front lines. These offerings are designed to enable security defenders while ensuring that cybersecurity investments effectively reduce organizational risk.

The Mandiant Solutions portfolio now includes:
• Mandiant Consulting
• Mandiant Managed Defense
• Mandiant Threat Intelligence (formerly FireEye Threat Intelligence)
• Mandiant Security Validation (formerly Verodin)

“Over the past 15 years, the crown jewels of Mandiant have historically been our incident response expertise and the intelligence that comes from it,” said Kevin Mandia, Chief Executive Officer at FireEye. The purpose of the Mandiant Solutions group is to bring new, controls-agnostic offerings to market that are applicable to every security team. This marks the beginning of our multi-step journey to augment and automate global security teams with more of the actionable data from our front lines, regardless of their SIEM or controls.”