Proofpoint announces the availability of new people-centric enterprise DLP solution

Proofpoint has today announced the availability of Proofpoint’s new people-centric Enterprise DLP solution that helps organizations identify and quickly respond to data loss resulting from negligent, compromised, or malicious users. Proofpoint’s Nexus People Risk Explorer has also been announced, providing the industry’s first unified view of vulnerable, attacked, and privileged users.

Each of these Proofpoint innovations provides new people-centric security and compliance blueprint for email, cloud, and information protection. Key additional enhancements include Proofpoint’s Cloud App Security Broker (CASB) IaaS and DLP functionality along with new Proofpoint business email compromise (BEC) and email account compromise (EAC) imposter classification and remediation.

“If it wasn’t clear before 2020, it certainly is now: people are the enterprise perimeter,” said Ryan Kalember, executive vice president of Cybersecurity Strategy for Proofpoint. “We put people at the center of our innovation roadmap, which has allowed us to break new ground in solving core cybersecurity challenges like DLP. Data doesn’t lose itself – there’s always a negligent, compromised, or malicious user involved – so a people-centric approach can succeed where prior solutions failed. Our latest innovations deliver necessary cloud-based protection across all major channels regardless of a user’s location, communication method or regulation requirements.”

Proofpoint’s people-centric DLP, user visibility, CASB, and BEC/EAC innovations include:

• People-centric Enterprise DLP Platform: This new people-centric DLP platform brings together the Proofpoint cloud, email, and endpoint DLP solutions. All content, user behavior, and threat telemetry are combined across channels in a new unified investigations interface to help organizations identify and respond quickly to data risks posed by negligent, compromised, and malicious users.

• Nexus People Risk Explorer: Available as a beta starting today, the new Proofpoint Nexus People Risk Explorer provides CISOs and strategic security leaders with a people-centric way to identify risky users, including the most attacked, most vulnerable, and most privileged users in an organization into a single view. Additionally, the tool provides actionable recommended risk mitigations, such as isolating URLs in the emails of users who are both very attacked and fail phishing simulations.

The underlying risk model leverages machine learning and combines real-time Proofpoint Nexus threat telemetry across cloud (CASB), email, and security awareness training. This multi-trillion data point threat graph includes more than two billion daily emails, 13 million active cloud accounts, 86,000+ social media accounts, and 400,000-600,000 daily malware samples.

• Proofpoint Cloud App Security Broker (Proofpoint CASB) IaaS and DLP functionality: Available this quarter, Proofpoint CASB will expand its infrastructure as a service (IaaS) resource and account protection, discovery, and governance, a capability often referred to as Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM). In addition, users can now monitor their cloud infrastructure for threats and detect DLP incidents for swift remediation. This is especially critical following Proofpoint’s recent discovery of a vulnerability in the implementation of cloud multi-factor authentication (MFA) that utilizes WS-Trust, which could allow attackers to bypass MFA and access cloud applications that use the protocol, notably Office 365. This research will be presented at the upcoming Proofpoint Protect virtual customer event on September 9, 2020.

• Enhanced Proofpoint Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Email Account Compromise (EAC) Protection: Available this quarter, Proofpoint Email Protection will feature a detailed imposter threat view with the ability to classify different BEC techniques including fake invoicing and payroll redirection. This enhanced visibility into BEC attempts will complement automatic quarantine and end-user alerts. In Q4, Proofpoint customers will also have access to a new Supplier Risk Dashboard for additional insight into supplier invoicing fraud and supplier account compromise.