Qualys makes Qualys Container Security immediately available

Qualys, Inc.has announced that Qualys Container Security is immediately available and Qualys Vulnerability Management will be available within a month in Microsoft Azure Security Center.

This solution leverages the embedded Qualys Cloud Agent and Qualys Container Sensors to build Vulnerability Management automation into the CI/CD pipeline as well as real-time visibility into running virtual instances. The solution automatically analyzes virtual machines and container images in Azure, providing customers visibility into vulnerabilities and configuration issues. Any discovered vulnerabilities are reported to Azure Security Center as recommendations, including the ability to create playbooks for one-click remediation with no software to deploy or update.

“Security is undergoing a fundamental transition, led by the digital transformation and the adoption of DevOps. Since our founding in 1999, Qualys’ vision has been that security must be woven into the fabric of the cloud,” said Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO of Qualys. “We are delighted to work with Microsoft to achieve this vision, which is a major milestone for the industry. Now, Microsoft Azure developers and customers have real-time visibility to secure and remediate cloud workloads at a click of a button with built-in orchestration as well.”

“Security is in the DNA of all products at Microsoft, and we believe in integrating security into everything we do. We share these beliefs with Qualys, and that is why we have collaborated to integrate their established vulnerability management and container security solutions directly into Microsoft Azure Security Center,” said Bharat Shah, corporate vice president at Microsoft Security.

The capability is currently available to all Azure Security Center customers for virtual machines and Azure Kubernetes Services.