‘Customer is king and ensuring a seamless experience for them is key to driving sales’

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Capillary Technologies, the leader in cloud-based Omni-Channel Engagement and Commerce solutions, has been growing from strength to strength. Anita Joseph speaks to Sunil Suresh, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Capillary Technologies, about its business strategies,CRM, offline-online experience and more.


Today, consumers are changing and new buying patterns and trends are evolving faster than ever. Everyone expects connected and seamless experiences that make their lives easier. So to ensure that businesses continue to meet these consumer demands, Capillary develops AI-powered, digital technologies and retail CRM, omnichannel e-commerce and personalized loyalty program solutions that help businesses get a 360° single view of customers and inventory across all channels. This gives brands a unique insight into consumer behaviour and help them use data to deliver a smooth, consistent and omnichannel experience. In short, it powers businesses to always stay consumer ready.

This winning strategy has been Capillary’s USP. In fact, its range of retail CRM, eCommerce & Loyalty Program solutions can help brands become more consumer-centric at each and every leg of any given consumer journey, by collecting and connecting all consumer and business data. This data can then be leveraged across touchpoints to learn about consumer preferences and business potential. That’s not all. It helps enable personalised 1:1 engagements, provide connected ecommerce, in-store or omnichannel purchase experiences and gain the loyalty of the best customers, thus fueling growth and driving sales.

Changing technology

Traditionally, consumer goods were a B2B market, where brands had to go through channels such as dealers/distributors/wholesalers/retailers before they could reach their consumers. However, with the rapid advancement of technology, this scenario is changing, and companies are now directly reaching out to their customers by shifting to online channels such as Amazon, Flipkart, and the like. Going online gives businesses a real feel of their customers-their buying patterns and preferences-and also the impact of promotions and offers that propel the brand image. Today, digital is being perceived a the key route to reach out to target customers.

Capillary’s role in this transformation

Although technology is changing rapidly, as many as 50 per cent of customers still interact both online and offline. So the company has developed a suite of offerings that seamlessly integrate both.  We call it the omnichannel experience, where we connect stores directly to marketplaces, so that both businesses and customers can have their finger on the pulse.

From the retail perspective, we have a range of products that fall under the company In-store vision where we use AI data to provide information about consumers. Some of this key information includes the number of visitors to the store and their demographic patterns and buying preferences, to create a consumer profile. In fact, our technology can help stores identify a customers key attributes the moment he walks in, say for instance, the size of his shirt. We use NLP to identify key traits of the customer and anonymously identify casual conversations to capture trends. With so much data at their fingertips, businesses can plan better and personalize their offerings.

The future

We continue to be driven by the core belief that consumers expect companies and brands to understand them better and be tuned into their preferences. Therefore, we will focus on making the consumer experience as seamless and aas easy as possible. Personalization is key and we believe that even websites can be personalized to the needs of the individual consumer, so the entire experience is faster and more connected. So far, we have managed to attract over a 100 million USD in funding, as well as some major customers. Then again, we are deliberately not focusing on Western markets, as we believe that the Asian and Middle East markets have their own unique challenges and trends.



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