SPECTRAMI join hands with Cloudera

SPECTRAMI join hands with Cloudera to their product portfolio. With this partnership, the distributor will now be able to provide its customers with leading edge Machine Learning driven data analytics, and a robust cloud-based platform as a Service in the region.

“Cloudera has been focusing on the Middle East since the past few years, and we see a synergy in our goals to cater to a market that prioritizes innovation and wants to control the power of big data. The Middle East is growing at an exponential pace – fast becoming one of the early adopters of the newest technologies. This also means that it is creating data at an equally fast pace. The region needs a way to gather and store essential data, and then choose the right platform to turn this data into actionable insight. Cloudera’s expertise is going to prove invaluable in that area.”, said Anand Choudha, CEO at SPECTRAMI.

Cloudera enables organizations to become increasingly information-driven to uncover new insights by stripping away limits for storing, managing, accessing and analyzing data in its full fidelity, for as long as desired or required.

Steven Line, EMEA SVP at Cloudera

Steven Line, EMEA SVP at Cloudera said, “As Cloudera continues to expand our business in the Middle East it was imperative that we find a trusted, knowledgeable distributor to provide the support and reach we need in the region to drive expansion. Our new relationship with Spectrami will enable us to take advantage of opportunities to bring our modern platform for machine learning and analytics, optimized for the cloud to customers in the Middle East.”