SAS grabs the advanced and predictive analytics market

SAS leads the market with a 30.8 percent market share in 2017 in the advanced and predictive analytics category, more than twice that of the next-closest competitor. according to the IDC report, Worldwide Big Data and Analytics Software 2017 Market Shares: Healthy Growth Across the Board.

“SAS has been able to retain authority in the advanced and predictive analytics market and continue to grow year over year,” said Chandana Gopal, Research Manager for Business Analytics at IDC. “This is not an easy feat given the rise in the number of competitors entering the market. SAS’ tools now make it easier for users to develop in open source tools and then integrate their models into the SAS Platform. Capabilities like this help SAS stay at the top of the category.”

SAS reinvests into R&D more than twice the average for major technology firms. In 2017, SAS devoted 26 percent of its overall revenue of $3.24 billion into developing AI, IoT, data management and analytics software. Driven by more than 40 years of innovation, SAS has customers in 147 countries and at more than 83,000 business, government and university sites.

“We continue to work closely with our customers to transform a world of data into a world of intelligence,” said Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS. “Over the years, SAS has developed and refined an incredibly deep set of capabilities in advanced analytics that has propelled us to the top of the market. But we are not content to stand still. A curiosity about what’s possible, and a passion for analytics shared with our customers, means ceaseless development in emerging areas like AI, machine learning, IoT, risk management, fighting fraud and more.”

“Over the years, SAS has been able to retain its authority and establish a strong position in the industry, which continues to grow at an aggressive rate” said Shukri Dabaghi, Vice President – Middle East and Eastern Europe, at SAS. “These results are an indicator that our actions have a positive impact. Although we are pleased with the results, we are not satisfied. We know our customers, our strategy is sound and we will continue to gain momentum through a number of developments and offerings in the space of emerging technology.”

Powered by the SAS® Platform, a strong analytics foundation that tackles a diverse set of challenges at scale, customers are empowered to make trusted business decisions from data-driven insights. The most recent release of SAS® Viya® embeds transparent artificial intelligence (AI) technology. New machine learning techniques help data scientists and business users alike produce more accurate analytical models with added layers of interpretability.