UAE’s TRA, Senaat sign MoU for cyber security

The aeCERT part of UAE’s TRA, and General Holding Corporation (SENAAT) signed a MoU to identify areas of joint cooperation in the field of information and cyber security with an aim to facilitate knowledge exchange, in order to provide organizations across different sectors in the UAE, with warnings about cyber-attacks, viruses and hacking, and offering them with assistance in handling cyber security issues.

Eng. Mohammed Gheyath, Executive Director Information Security Regulatory Affairs in TRA, said “This MoU with SENAAT is a testament of our commitment to support federal and government entities and private sector, to implement best practices in cyber security.”

Gheyath stressed that the rapid growth and use of the internet have given rise to multiple risks and threats with regard to information security, which need attention and preventive measures to reduce the impact and damage. “Cyber-attacks have now become more vigorous and frequent, and to handle these attacks and mitigate risks, we work round-the-clock. Time and again we have proven our ability to tackle such crises with a clear aim of positioning UAE as a cyber-attacks free country.” he added.

Mahmood Al Hameli, Senior Vice President – Business Support at SENAAT said “This agreement is aligned with the strategic direction of SENAAT as we place high importance on maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of data, and continue to create an environment conducive to innovation through the best practices that improve efficiency and quality in all areas of work, which it’s in line with Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030.”

As per the MoU, the (aeCERT) team will respond by providing consultation and guidance about cyber threats and assist the affiliates in reaching better results and protecting their systems from cyber-attacks. The team will be the point of contact for the authorities and will maintain database with details of international and local aeCERT teams.