InfoWatch, Microsoft offer integrated solution

InfoWatch and Microsoft join hands together to present an integrated solution created to secure information traffic of enterprise users of Microsoft Office 365. The integration of the flagship DLP product InfoWatch Traffic Monitor and Microsoft Cloud App Security service will allow customers to centrally manage data protection policies for both desktop and cloud users and gain like-for-like centralized access to all incidents related to data leak threats.

“This seamless integration of Microsoft products helped us build an effective enterprise security solution for customers that use productivity tools in Office 365 cloud environment,” says Marina Batalova, Head of Integrated Solutions at InfoWatch Group. “We plan to drive collaboration with developers of popular business apps and office software and add new features to InfoWatch enterprise cybersecurity solutions.”

The integration is based on Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP), a technology that makes a copy of Microsoft Office 365 server traffic and sends it to InfoWatch Traffic Monitor server. Then the DLP system automatically applies analysis technologies to identify security policy breaches and alerts security officers to such breaches.

A key advantage of the integrated solution is an ability to control and prevent confidential data leakage, which can be very accurately detected owing to unique proprietary linguistic data flow analysis technologies being part of InfoWatch Traffic Monitor. Enterprises that will adopt the new solution will be able to see a complete picture of corporate data movement in Microsoft Office 365.