StarLink brings SOC analytics engine to region

StarLink partnered with ATAR Labs to distribute their SOAR (Security Orchestration, Automation and Response) platform that offers SOC orchestration, automation and response across Middle East and North Africa,

Nidal Othman, Managing Director at StarLink said, “We are extremely pleased to sign up with ATAR Labs and to bring to this region a cutting-edge technology that will enable our customers to keep up with the unprecedented speed and volume of cyber-attacks. This technology will enable the SOC teams to act faster thus improving the response times and making the organization more agile with enhanced incident investigation and response capabilities.”

Nidal Othman, Managing Director at StarLink

ATAR features a programmable robot, analyst augmentation and a SOC analytics engine. ATAR’s vendor agnostic architecture allows the platform to run on top of existing security tools and technologies; thus helping organizations better utilize their existing technology investments.

Burak Dayioglu, CEO at ATAR Labs said ‘We are passionately looking forward to working with StarLink team in bringing ATAR to the MENA region. StarLink’s proven trusted advisor relationship, combined with our ATAR platform’s proven value in automating and orchestrating existing security technologies will take organizations to the next level in their cyber defenses.