Microsoft offers hacker’s perspective to cybersecurity

Microsoft today hosted the second edition of its CISO Executive Series, designed to support chief information security officers in their efforts against the ever-changing threat landscape.

The event, this year titled “A Hacker’s Guide to Security Strategy”, was held at the Burj Al Arab, Dubai, and allowed security professionals to network with peers, as well as hear from a renowned cyber-security specialist on current and upcoming threats.

“Most organisations know what cyber-attackers are likely to go after, once they have breached the corporate perimeter,” said Cyril Voisin, Executive Security Advisor for France, Italy, the Middle East and Africa at Microsoft’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. “That means that you know where to focus your efforts; and that is the beginnings of a formal, coherent, inhouse security strategy. Coupled with the power of the intelligent cloud and the perspective of seasoned White Hat experts like those heard here today, organisations should be in great shape to take the fight to the cyber-criminals.”

“It is vital that regional organisations understand the evolving threat landscape and adjust their security posture accordingly,” he added. “A trusted cloud provider like Microsoft has the scale and experience to connect your organisation to industry-leading, AI-driven security measures that let you sleep more soundly. We invest US$ 1 billion annually in cyber security, so that our customers can be confident that the Microsoft cloud is a safe home.”

At the CISO Executive forum, Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO and Founder of CQURE Inc, and a world-renowned cyber-security expert, shared insights, and an outside-in perspective of securing a business. Januszkeiwics also stressed on the importance of upskilling of security professionals to meet changing needs of the digital era.

The Microsoft CISO executive forum concluded with key takeaways from all perspectives of cyber security, and proved to be a strong platform for security professionals from across the UAE to network with peers and engage with subject matter experts.