DarkMatter to Participate in Hack in the Box Security Conference

DarkMatter has today announced its participation at the upcoming Hack in the Box (HiTB) Security Conference.

Taking place from 10-14 April, 2017 at the NH Grand Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam, DarkMatter will use its presence at this leading computer security conference to showcase its latest offerings in the areas of Cryptographic analysis, Cryptanalysis – in particular side channel analysis, systems vulnerabilities research and penetration testing. DarkMatter will also use this platform to attract top international talent. 

Dr. Najwa Aaraj, DarkMatter’s Senior Vice President – Special Projects will be a featured speaker at the conference, where she will address the specific threat of side channel attacks to cryptographic implementations during a session on the first day of the conference. Her presentation is titled, ‘Side Channel Attacks Against iOS Crypto Libraries and More’. 

DarkMatter is sponsoring the ‘Capture the Flag’ prize at this year’s event, which is HiTB’s on-site live hacking competition. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to take part in ’The DarkMatter authentication protocol challenge’.

Commenting on DarkMatter’s participation in HiTB, Dr. Najwa Aaraj said, “At DarkMatter, we are firm proponents of collaborating with our peers to share knowledge and expertise in order to create secure environments, in particular secure cryptographic systems. Events such as Hack in the Box are instrumental in exchanging cutting-edge cyber security research and techniques, and as an active participant in this community we are looking forward to our presence in Amsterdam. DarkMatter remains committed to redefining cyber security, with innovation guiding our research and development of unique products, solutions, and services.”

DarkMatter’s commitment to innovation is evident in its workforce, with over 30 per cent of its employees assigned to research roles. Demand for cyber security expertise is ramping globally, and DarkMatter is in the market to attract talent to join its ranks based in Abu Dhabi. The firm is also dedicated to contributing to the development of the UAE’s technological capabilities. 

HiTB is an annual event for global security researchers and professionals, and is renowned for its technical depth. It features two days of technical trainings followed by a two-day conference, with trainings and talks delivered by some of the most respected names in the computer security industry. The event series is also held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, later in the year.