CTM360 Hosts Senior Leaders from Singapore’s Financial Industry

Bahrain-based leading cybersecurity firm CTM360 successfully concluded a roundtable hosted for senior leaders from Singapore’s financial industry to support the collective commitment to addressing the country’s evolving digital risks and exploring effective strategies for bolstering cyber resilience.

The event’s focal point was a presentation by Mirza Asrar Baig, the CEO and founder of CTM360. Mirza shared his expertise and thought leadership on a new perspective of managing cyber risks, emphasizing the importance of robust cybersecurity measures for Singaporean organizations. Mirza’s presentation also delved into the current state of cyber threats specific to Singapore, emphasizing the need for proactive defense mechanisms.

“As the ASEAN hub for finance and innovation, Singapore faces distinctive cyber risks, necessitating organizations to adopt a comprehensive and proactive cybersecurity approach, fortifying their overall cyber resilience,” said Baig.

The event provided a platform for participants to gain profound insights into Singapore’s specific cybersecurity landscape, exchange invaluable experiences, and foster meaningful connections with influential industry peers through a collaborative and forward-thinking approach to cybersecurity.