Veeam Launches Secure Cloud Storage With Veeam Data Cloud Vault

Veeam Software has introduced Veeam Data Cloud Vault, a cloud-based storage service that enables users to securely store backup data not only off-site, but in an always-immutable and encrypted format, providing additional layers of protection for critical information. Showcased live for the first time at VeeamON 2024, enterprises can leverage this new Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) offering from Veeam to store, manage and access data without having to design, implement and manage cloud or physical storage infrastructure aligned to zero trust principles.

“Eighty-five percent of organisations that suffered a cyber-attack last year are now using cloud storage that offers immutability, according to the Veeam Ransomware Trends Report 2024,” said Anand Eswaran, CEO at Veeam. “Storing a backup of your data offsite is an essential part of any backup strategy and it’s critical to rapid, clean recovery from an outage or a cyber-attack. New Veeam Data Cloud Vault meets this demand of enterprises by delivering an added level of data protection, cyber resilience, compliance adherence, faster recovery, and prevention against insider threats. These factors collectively contribute to strengthening the overall security posture of organisations without breaking the bank.”

Veeam Vault delivers a pre-configured and fully-managed cloud storage resource on Azure that eliminates customer headaches of securely architecting infrastructure and unpredictable cloud cost models – key challenges of both enterprise and SMB organisations. Instead of managing their own cloud or physical storage infrastructure, organisations can immediately leverage Veeam Vault to store, manage and access their data in a predictably priced subscription model. Veeam Vault pricing includes not just the storage component, but also the necessary API calls to write to that storage in an immutable format, as well as read and egress data in the event of a recovery – eliminating the bill shock encountered by organisations that don’t consider all required costs for cloud backup. Users can access the service through Veeam’s software interface, manage their storage requirements, and easily scale storage needs as their requirements evolve over time. Users also benefit from the reliability and disaster recovery capabilities offered by the cloud storage provider.

Veeam Vault is purpose-built to empower Veeam Data Platform users with the secure cloud storage needed for backups. Whether wanting to directly write Veeam Data Platform backups to Veeam Vault or complement on-premises storage as part of a 3-2-1-1-0 backup strategy with copying and/or tiering, Veeam Vault is:

  • Secure: Safeguard data on Zero Trust storage that’s immutable, encrypted and logically air-gapped from production.
  • Easy: Access and use on-demand, fully managed Azure storage with zero configuration, management or integration complexities.
  • Predictable: Eliminate bill shock with flat per TB pricing that meets an organisation’s needs today and tomorrow – inclusive of API calls, restore and egress charges.

“Absolutely certain data survival with assured data integrity is foundational to recovering from any data loss event, especially cyber-attacks,” said Phil Goodwin, research vice president, IDC. “Storing data offsite in an air gapped, immutable, encrypted vault can provide this data survival and integrity certainty. Veeam Data Cloud Vault enhances Veeam’s cyber recovery capabilities using Storage as-a-service (STaaS) delivery. Based on zero trust principles, Veeam Vault can give customers an easy-to-use cloud vaulting option fully wrapped in Veeam services.”

As demand for Veeam Vault accelerates, Veeam will continue to deliver new capabilities throughout 2024. These capabilities will help organisations:

  • Optimise costs further with the addition of colder and archive-class object storage tiers, particularly for older and/or secondary backups where slower restore performance is an acceptable trade-off for lower cost long-term retention.
  • Drive greater efficiencies by centrally managing and monitoring all aspects of Veeam Vault through tighter integration with the single UI of Veeam Data Platform.

New Veeam Data Cloud Vault is available now via Azure Marketplace for a single fee per TB/month based on region, and includes storage, write/read APIs, and egress.