Picus Security Announces Security Validation for Kubernetes

Picus Security announced security validation for Kubernetes, which will allow Security and DevOps teams to securely realize the benefits of containers by proactively measuring and optimizing cluster resilience. It is the latest innovative addition to the Picus Security Validation Platform. It empowers users to validate their security posture consistently and measure risk across on-premises and multi-cloud environments.

Kubernetes offers considerable benefits for organizations that want an agile way to deploy, run and scale applications. However, security is often the biggest barrier to its adoption. Kubernetes’s dynamic and complex nature means that containers are often misconfigured due to human error. Security gaps can easily emerge over time without a hands-on approach to governance, increasing the risk of incidents. This situation is exacerbated by the high level of expertise required to secure Kubernetes and the use of inherently insecure default settings. According to The State of Kubernetes Report, more than two-thirds of Kubernetes users (67%) have delayed deployments due to security concerns.

The addition of Kubernetes validation extends the Picus platform’s existing validation capabilities, which are powered by attack simulation and GenAI. It enables organizations to proactively identify and mitigate security misconfigurations, such as weak policies and settings that could allow containers to run with insecure privileges and facilitate lateral movement. Now security teams can automatically assess the security of their workloads wherever they are located – on-premises, in containers, and also in cloud platforms including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

“Cloud security is perhaps the biggest barrier of entry for organizations that want to take advantage of container orchestration,” said Volkan Erturk, Picus CTO and Co-Founder. “Kubernetes offers incredible opportunities for DevOps teams to deploy and scale new applications, but Security teams can struggle to keep pace.

“With the Picus Security Validation Platform, security concerns won’t slow down an organization’s digital transformation journey. This new offering will allow our users to consistently measure the security of their workloads and vastly reduce the effort needed to address exposures across growing IT environments.”