BeyondTrust Announces Cloud-Native Option In UAE For Password Safe Solution

BeyondTrust has announced the availability of Password Safe as a SaaS offering in the UAE, enabling UAE organisations to implement best-practice cybersecurity controls through cost-effective, subscription-style pricing models.

When deployed as a managed service, Password Safe reduces the labor commitment from end users, freeing up workforces to focus on organisations’ core competencies, and it reduces the number of subject-matter experts, full-time employees, and third-party vendors needed to manage additional infrastructure.

“Privileged credentials are the keys to an organisation’s treasure chest,” said John Hathaway, Regional VP, Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, at BeyondTrust, “and we now inhabit a threat landscape where stolen passwords are the root cause of the vast majority of breaches. They must be protected as a matter of the utmost priority.”

BeyondTrust Password Safe combines privileged password and session management to discover, manage, and audit privileged-credentials activity. The solution enables control over privileged accounts, applications, SSH keys, cloud admin accounts, RPA, and more, with a searchable audit trail that simplifies compliance and forensics.

“As UAE organisations have digitised their environments, BeyondTrust has seen a spike in demand for fully managed SaaS solutions,” Hathaway continued. “That is why we decided to offer the cost and management benefits of cloud-native offerings, along with the added boons of compliance and data residency, and improved latency and scalability. This offering will empower UAE organisations to strengthen their security posture, optimise operational efficiency, and drive business growth in the digital age.”

The availability Password Safe as a SaaS solution in the UAE offers a range of benefits for customers. Technical advantages include ease of deployment and moving from the on-premises PAM requirements of several servers, significant infrastructure investments, and specialist skills to a minimalist setup with outsourced maintenance and technical expertise. Updates and patches are automated and if a customer grows its business requirements, Password Safe grows with it to accommodate greater numbers of users, devices, and resources. And as a cloud solution in the age of remote work, Password Safe can be accessed from anywhere that has an Internet connection, with end users instantly gaining access to features such as advanced encryption, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and role-based access controls (RBAC).

Password Safe’s simplified SaaS deployment and onboarding processes mean faster time to value. The solution also comes with robust disaster-recovery and redundancy measures, ensuring high availability and business continuity for UAE customers, even in the event of localised disruptions or outages.

BeyondTrust today also reiterated its commitment to flexibility and choice for customers. Existing on-premises Password Safe customers will not be required to migrate to a cloud setup. Instead, Password Safe offers a flexible option for those looking to streamline operations by offloading the infrastructure management aspect of the solution.

“We understand that each customer is unique, which is why BeyondTrust offers tailored professional services to accommodate organisations of all sizes,” explained Michael Byrnes, Director Solutions Engineering for the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, at BeyondTrust. “Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition to our cloud offerings, providing our customers with the flexibility and support they need.”