Industry Leaders Unite to Tackle PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance Challenges

Top leaders from the financial sector convened at the exclusive “PCI DSS 4.0 Compliance” roundtable discussion in Qatar, which was co-hosted by KPMG, Fortanix and Gulf IT. The event brought together C-suite executives from the banking sector, providing them with crucial insights and strategies to navigate the forthcoming updates to PCI DSS standards and emerging cybersecurity challenges.

The roundtable served as a vital platform for addressing the dynamic digital landscape impacting cybersecurity strategies. Leaders explored regulatory updates, cutting-edge cryptographic solutions, and future-proof strategies to proactively mitigate cyber threats in an engaging morning, filled with productive high-level discussions.

Throughout the event, participants delved into current and important topics, ranging from the challenges in horizon scanning to structuring a sound compliance program that meets the various relevant standards. Notable highlights included insights on new requirements tailored to combat and mitigate financial fraud and an exploration of the ever-evolving digital landscape shaping today’s cybersecurity strategies.

Marwan Zalloum, Director of Cyber Services at KPMG in Qatar, commented on the significance of this exclusive session “Our focus at KPMG in Qatar is to empower seamless compliance journeys and programs to enable regulatory and industry compliance requirements as well as enhance security posture to meet the evolving threat landscape in the digital era. The adoption of PCI DSS 4.0 is a critical element in the commitment to enhance the security posture of the financial sector against sophisticated cyber threats. This roundtable has been an essential platform for leaders to converge and shape the security strategies that will safeguard the future of banking.”

Andy Buckland, EMEA VP and General Manager at Fortanix stated “Our discussions underscored the critical role of robust cybersecurity measures in establishing trust in today’s digital banking era. At the roundtable, Fortanix showcased how our innovative data-first security solutions can significantly bolster a bank’s competitive edge while securing critical assets.”

Nitin Bhatnagar, India, South Asia and Middle East at PCI DSS Security Council also remarked “Securing payment data with data security standards in an evolving payment ecosystem is critical to build robust payments infrastructure keeping security at the centre of everything. PCI DSS v4.0 is a unique example of how the Council is evolving security standards and validation programs to support.”