CrowdStrike’s AI Capabilities Protects Enterprises Against Sophisticated Attacks

In conversation with Security MEA, Roland Daccache, Senior Manager of Sales Engineering at CrowdStrike MEA, expressed his pleasure at GISEC and claimed it was a fantastic event, as always. Talking about his company, Roland explained that CrowdStrike has experienced remarkable growth in recent years, particularly in fiscal year 2024. The company is quite upbeat about 2025, resulting in significant team expansion across various regions, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, and Turkey.

This year, there’s a heightened demand for securing systems against sophisticated AI-powered attacks. The focus is on combating these threats, driven by what we term dark generative AI. Understanding the issue is paramount, as many threat actors leverage open-source large language models to orchestrate sophisticated attacks, from spear phishing to writing exploits for vulnerabilities.


To counter AI-powered threats, organizations need an AI-centric defense strategy. Leveraging our extensive experience in AI, CrowdStrike is well-equipped to safeguard governments, institutions, and enterprises against these advanced attacks using our generative AI capabilities.

Acknowledging the persistent threat landscape, it’s crucial for CISOs and CIOs to strategize effectively and collaborate with vendors like CrowdStrike to deploy defenses against these sophisticated AI-driven attacks. Despite budget constraints, it’s essential to reassess security tooling and allocate resources efficiently to deploy modern next-gen technologies like CrowdStrike to mitigate evolving threats effectively.