AmiViz And Abstract Security to Revolutionize Cybersecurity Analytics

AmiViz has partnered with Abstract Security, a cyber threat operations platform offering a revolutionary approach to security analytics that allows organisations to improve efficiency, reduce SIEM-related storage costs, and enhance detection and response capabilities across multi-cloud and on-premise environments.

The Abstract platform disrupts traditional cybersecurity analytics with its innovative approach, challenging the limitations of conventional Security Analytics systems. Abstract Security offers a transformative cyber threat operations platform in an era marked by compliance-induced data swamps and redundant data storage.

Engineered to streamline security analytics, it enhances detection and response capabilities across diverse IT environments, including multi-cloud and on-premise setups. By integrating tactical artificial intelligence (AI), Abstract empowers security analysts to decode complex cloud security data, improving detection strategies and filling visibility gaps. Pioneering initiatives like the decentralized edge computing platform and a one-click data lake further solidify Abstract Security’s position as a visionary player in cybersecurity.

The strategic expansion into Middle Eastern markets aligns with the region’s growing demand for advanced cybersecurity measures. With rapid digital transformation and increased cyber threats, the Middle East presents a significant opportunity for Abstract Security. Government investments in cybersecurity infrastructure and the adoption of IoT technologies amplify the demand for efficient, AI-driven security solutions.

Ilyas Mohammed, COO at AmiViz, said, “Our partnership with Abstract Security heralds a new era in cybersecurity analytics. By leveraging their innovative solutions, we empower our clients with proactive threat management capabilities that surpass traditional systems. Together, we redefine industry standards, ensuring robust protection against evolving cyber threats and bolstering our position as leaders in the cybersecurity landscape.”

Richard Betts, Vice President of International Business at Abstract Security, commented on the strategic alliance, stating, ‘Our collaboration with AmiViz in the Middle East is more than a partnership; it’s a synergy of strengths. This venture not only amplifies our presence in a region but also marks a significant step in our journey to broaden Abstract Security’s international reach.

Tailored for large enterprises in critical sectors like finance, oil and gas, telecommunications, MSSP and government, Abstract Security’s solutions effectively address unique cyber threats. Abstract Security aims to integrate its solutions in local markets deeply through a channel-focused distribution strategy, empowering channel partners and addressing evolving security needs. The partnership with AmiViz provides comprehensive support, including technical training, marketing assistance, and dedicated account management, further strengthening Abstract Security’s position in the GCC markets.

Abstract Security’s partnership with AmiViz allows Middle Eastern channel partners to revolutionize security analytics, transcending traditional SIEM systems and compliance burdens. Together, they set a new standard for cybersecurity analytics, paving the way for proactive and predictive security measures. This partnership aims to position the Middle East as a cybersecurity stronghold, contributing to its global leadership in cybersecurity.