Eviden Provides Safe, Secure and Scalable Digital Transformation Journey

Amit Roy, Head of Cybersecurity, META for Eviden (An Atos Business), explains in detail the need for cybersecurity in digital transformation and how the company is well placed to offer advanced solutions with integrated security to meet organisations’ growing digital transformation requirements.

How does your cybersecurity solution integrate with and support digital transformation initiatives?
As a leader in the digital transformation, Eviden, helps our customers achieve their business goals through innovative digital transformations in the most secure way possible, ensuring that cybersecurity is not an afterthought but an integral part of the digital transformation journey. Our cybersecurity solutions and services, such as DevSecOps/Cloud Security/Managed Detection and Response/Identity and Access Management/Data Security/OT-IoT Security, are seamlessly integrated before, during and after the digital transformation to ensure end-to-end security of the identity, data, business applications and overall technology landscape of the organisation.

How does your solution adapt to and secure emerging technologies that are part of our digital transformation strategy, such as cloud computing, IoT, or AI?
As a European leader inadvance computing and cybersecurity space, we have been in the forefront of adapting newer technologies to provide advanced solutions with integrated security to meet organisations’ growing computing and digital transformation needs.

For instance, our patented AI driven, MDR solution adapts seamlessly to any environment be it on-prem, hybrid or multi-cloud, using AI/ML for deeper threat detection and Gen-AI faster incident response, providing a single pane of security view across IT/OT and IOT environment. Our Data security, Identity and encryption solutions ensures utmost security to our High Performance Computing Server, while meeting complex, massive computing at scale requirements of our enterprise customers.

How does your cybersecurity solution scale to accommodate the growth and changes associated with the digital transformation journey of a customer?
In any digital transformation journey, customers need flexible cybersecurity solutions to cater towards muti-cloud, hybrid environments, covering the extended attack surface and ensuring that the cybersecurity solutions bolsters the scale, application modernisations, and massive computing needs of the digital journey. Eviden’s, Managed Detection and Response Solution – AIsaac, built on Big Data with integrated AI engine, supports all Hyperscalers and Hybrid environments giving organisations the freedom to have single consolidated view across the environment. The MDR solution (AIsaac’s) big data set-up ensures that every data/log is ingested for threat detection. The AI engine provides proven capabilities for detecting known and unknown threat vectors across the attack surface, ensuring rapid incident response with a built-in SOAR and harnessing the power of Gen-AI for SOC security responders.

How do you address risk management in the context of digital transformation and ensure compliance with relevant regulations?
Risk Management is key for the success of a digital transformation journey, since organisations need to ensure that the technological adoption they plan to adapt should meet their customers and stakeholders’ needs while maintaining security and data privacy in line with the industry and regional regulations. At Eviden, we take a holistic approach towards this by starting the journey with our risk advisory services, coupled with Technical Risk Assessments and plugging DevSecOps during the application modernisation process. We assists organisations to not just comply to relevant standards/regulations such as ISO 27001, NIST, PCI or GDPR but implement Risk Mitigation controls which can be sustained during the digital transformation journey. For instance, while AI usage is a must, but providing frameworks and processes to organisations on adopting AI usage in a Responsible and Secure manner after conducting risk assessments.

With remote working a way of life now, how do you protect users and data across various locations and devices?
Remote working brought a paradigm shift for organisations and created new challenges with the increase of the attack surface. However, implementing a strong IAM strategy, governed with strong data security principles has helped organisations not just protect the users and data but also, improve productivity and derive maximum benefits of the remote working or work from anywhere world. At Eviden, our cybersecurity solutions and services pertaining to IAM, Data Security, Encryptions, MFA, VPN and integrated with MDR has been in the forefront of, providing the right level of security for users, without compromising the user experience, thereby meeting the desired business objectives for our customers.

How does your solution enhance incident response and recovery capabilities to address the evolving nature of cyber threats during digital transformation?
Eviden’s MDR solution (AIsaac) using Cybermesh architecture) has an inbuilt SOAR module with automated run-books for faster incident response by the SOC responders. This is coupled with our global teams of CSIRT experts who assist organisations around the clock during any severe incident, such as a data leak/attack. Our latest version of AIsaac brings Gen-AI capability for the SOC responders for even further faster and more accurate responses towards incidents and built-in capabilities to recover from any severe attacks such as a ransomware incident.

Does your cybersecurity solution include provisions for user training and awareness to enhance the human element of cybersecurity in the context of digital transformation?
As part of our end-to-end offerings, we tackle the human element of cybersecurity across several phases, starting with conducting user awareness workshops for end users, technical training on SOC and Data Security for the customers’ cybersecurity teams, and also conducting red teaming/phishing simulations/Cyber drills to test the readiness of organisations towards any cyber incident. We also undertake customised, specialised cybersecurity training on skill enhancements for our enterprise customers to improve their overall cybersecurity maturity.

How does your solution provide continuous monitoring and leverage threat intelligence to stay ahead of emerging cybersecurity threats in the digital transformation era?
Eviden’s MDR solution (AIsaac) is 24/7 Threat Detection and Response Platform driven Service offered to our customers from our 16 Global Security Operations Center (SOC). The Platform uses AI/ML models for Deeper Threat Detection across known and unknown attack patterns across multi-cloud/hybrid environment and Ingests curated Threat intelligence feeds from across 200+ sources to provide threat intelligence based, continuous monitoring, threat detection and incident response services to our customers.

Can you share insights into your company’s approach to digital transformation and how your solutions have evolved to meet the changing needs of the digital landscape?
Eviden provides business use case-driven digital transformation programs leveraging our deep understanding of the business and technology landscape by leveraging our strong pool of technical and domain expertise and advanced in-built tools and partnerships.

To cater to the massive demand of computing power during digital transformation, we provide our patented next-generation high computing application/infrastructure and Super computers (BULL S Series) coupled with AI-driven Computer vision platforms and advanced edge computing solutions. These are tightly integrated with our leading Digital security solutions like MDR/IAM/Cloud Security/Data Security, enabling organisations to have a safe, secure and scalable digital transformation journey.