Saudi based Cybersecurity Solution Provider HakTrak offers 360° Protection

Ibrahim Musa, CEO and co-founder of HakTrak, talks to Security MEA about how the company survived the pandemic to create a world-class cybersecurity solution provider from Saudi Arabia. 

How has HakTrak evolved since it was established in the year 2019?
As you have mentioned, HakTrak was established in late 2019. By early 2020, Covid-19 hit the world and halted most businesses, and HakTrak went into hibernation for almost two years. By early 2022, it was back in operation, focusing on its prime mission of developing local cybersecurity products and gaining some key clients by offering them an outstanding cybersecurity service.

What are the latest cybersecurity trends dominating Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia is undergoing a rapid digital transformation and faces ever-evolving cybersecurity threats. The latest cybersecurity trends dominating Saudi Arabia include Cloud Security, AI in Cybersecurity, Threats Tracking, Operation Technology (OT), and Cybersecurity Regulations.

How would you describe the cybersecurity landscape in Saudi Arabia?
Saudi Arabia’s cybersecurity landscape is evolving. As the country rapidly and exponentially embraces digital transformation, governments, companies, and individuals are becoming more reliant on technology. At the same time, cyber threats are rising, and cybercriminals are adopting increasingly sophisticated techniques, leveraging (AI) to evade detection and launch more targeted attacks.

How is HakTrak positioned in the market, and how does it protect Saudi enterprises?
HakTrak’s mindset, approach, and technique are game changers in Saudi Arabia’s cybersecurity market. We were working under the radar with a clear-cut focus on developing world-class products. And, in November 2023 at Black Hat MEA, we unveiled our portfolio to surprise everyone with our outstanding products and services, enabling us to place ourselves at the forefront of cybersecurity companies in the Kingdom.

HakTrak was formed with client-centric principles to ensure that we have developed a unique 3D framework that helps us offer 360° protection to our enterprise customers.

Which solutions in your portfolio are gaining traction in the market?
During our participation at Black Hat MEA 2023, we launched five solutions: two under the category of threat intelligence, two under threat hunting, and one under compliance management.

All our solutions garnered good attention at the show; however, the top two solutions that gained the most attraction were Threats Tracker and RASID 360°.  We generated a lot of interest and received several requests for demos and POCs from various local private and public organisations in Saudi Arabia. More than ten organisations from outside Saudi expressed their interest in our solutions.

Which key industry verticals contribute to HakTrak’s business in Saudi?
We are an industry-agnostic company, and all our cybersecurity solutions offer protection across the industry spectrum. However, as a startup company, the public sector’s contribution to HakTrak business can’t be denied.

How do you differentiate yourself from the competition in such a competitive market?
Saudi Arabia is the largest market in the Middle East, and cybersecurity is highly competitive. Our competitive advantage lies within our mindset and approach towards cyber threats, in addition to the experiences and capabilities of our team, accompanied by our project delivery discipline.

What are the key advantages your solutions offer to the customers?
There are plenty of solutions in the global market, however, our solutions have many technical advantages over our competitors. Our solution’s key advantages are fast deployment, customisation and local support at a highly cost-effective price.

How would you describe your experience of participating at Black Hat MEA?
It was an amazing experience. Our main goal in participating in Black Hat MEA 2023 was to be one of the top three prominent companies; thank God we achieved that. According to the feedback we had from visitors and exhibitors, our booth design and programs were one of a kind. It was worth the time and effort we put into it, and we also plan to participate in future events.

What advice would you give to cybersecurity professionals involved with critical infrastructure protection?
The world of cyber threats is changing rapidly, and you need to understand how your adversaries think to protect your infrastructure and digital assets. The secret of beating your opponents occurs when you understand them and anticipate their next step.