Trend Micro Signs MoU With Ooredoo

Trend Micro has recently announced that they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with communications company Ooredoo Oman with operations spanning North Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia

Through this partnership, Trend Micro will offer its advanced cybersecurity services to Ooredoo customers in Oman. These services can be seamlessly integrated into Ooredoo’s core offerings, ensuring that customers have access to top-tier security solutions. Ooredoo’s customers can opt for these services as bundled add-ons to its core services or as standalone offerings through flexible pricing models.

According to the recent Trend Micro’s mid-year cybersecurity report, its solutions successfully identified and blocked more than 6 million threats in Oman during the first half of this year alone. This partnership stands as a testament to Trend Micro’s unwavering commitment, extending beyond delivering outstanding security services; its goal is to elevate the Ooredoo’s overall customer experience. Additionally, both companies have outlined plans to initiate awareness campaigns for cybersecurity, further cementing their position as industry leaders.

“In today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, we’ve come to understand that true digital resilience is not merely about standing firm against challenges. It’s about combating them and emerging from those challenges stronger, more agile, and better prepared to drive innovation,” said Assad Arabi, Managing Director, Gulf and Emerging Markets, Trend Micro. “In this spirit of innovation and resilience, Trend Micro is thrilled to embark on a strategic partnership with Ooredoo. This is not just a collaboration; it’s a testament to our shared commitment to empower Ooredoo’s customers with best-in-class cybersecurity.”

“Ooredoo’s customers are at the heart of our alliance with Trend Micro. As they navigate the digital landscape, they deserve more than protection; they deserve digital empowerment,” said Saied Al Lawati, Director of Business Marketing, and ICT Solutions at Ooredoo. “Through this partnership, our customers can look forward to a future where every digital step is secure, every connection is confident, and every endeavour is infused with the potential to redefine what’s possible. The importance of this partnership lies in our collective commitment to safeguarding the digital future of our customers.”