Entrust Unveils Digital Account Opening Solution

Entrust has launched a new digital account opening solution to enable banks and credit unions with a secure, convenient digital onboarding experience.

“Entrust is working to redefine the customer experience in the banking industry,” said Tony Ball, President, Payments and Identity at Entrust. “With our new solution, banks and credit unions can enhance their service to all of their customers, offering faster onboarding, an unmatched level of security and convenience. And, by breaking down barriers to account opening, more people will be able to build trusted banking relationships more easily, and lay the foundation for healthy, long-term involvement with the digital economy. This is a significant leap forward in our mission to drive the digital transformation of the banking and financial services sector.”

The Entrust Digital Account Opening solution equips banks and credit unions everywhere to onboard new customers from anywhere using their smartphones and government issued IDs. The solution enables a simpler process that significantly reduces the time and effort required for genuine consumers to open a bank account online.

Further, it helps banks securely and conveniently enable those new account holders with the banking product they need the most – a means of payment through digital card issuance to a mobile wallet as well as physical card issuance through a branch or by mail. The solution reduces risk for financial institutions and ensures eKYC compliance while streamlining the onboarding process for consumers.

To learn more about the Entrust Digital Account Opening solution, visit >https://www.entrust.com/solutions/digital-onboarding.