CyberArk Positioned As An Access Management Leader By KuppingerCole

CyberArk  has announced it was named an Overall Leader in the KuppingerCole Analysts AG 2023 “Leadership Compass: Access Management” report. The company’s overall leadership position is based on the strength of its CyberArk Identity offering across the report’s product, innovation and market categories.

Part of the CyberArk Identity Security Platform, CyberArk Identity is a set of SaaS-delivered solutions designed to simplify identity and access management in enterprises while providing the highest level of security. With CyberArk Identity, organizations can secure workforce, customer, business partner, vendor and client access to applications, endpoints and infrastructure, while protecting against the leading cause of data breaches – compromised credentials and social engineering.

The CyberArk Identity Security Platform enables secure access for any identity to any resource – protecting identities and critical assets by enabling Zero Trust and enforcing least privilege. KuppingerCole Analysts noted, “The CyberArk Identity Security Platform stands out because it goes beyond just a collection of products. It offers a cohesive set of solutions that work together and share key components, creating a unified platform for various use cases. CyberArk’s focus is on providing a comprehensive experience for different types of users, such as employees, customers, partners, and more.”

Examining trends in this market, the report states, “The combined impact of the pandemic driven shift to remote work with a connect-anywhere paradigm and the ongoing digital business transformation has inspired a higher awareness of cybersecurity concerns, requiring a profound change in the way we define access management.”

“We are proud to be named a Leader in this report. And just as KuppingerCole Analysts pointed out,  we also see a clear and urgent need to expand the definition of access management. Access management solutions must evolve to reduce identity-related risk by effectively supporting new use cases,” said Gil Rapaport, general manager, Access, CyberArk. “We believe CyberArk is in the best position to deliver innovation and reinvent the access management market by providing a unified platform across privileged access management and identity governance, with capabilities like the securing web sessions and providing an identity security web browser.”

According to the report, “CyberArk Identity also allows users to easily register their devices via email, SMS or QR code scan in a completely passwordless fashion for all possible applications.” As part of its continued commitment to providing innovative security-first access management solutions to its customers and partners, CyberArk also announced today that it has extended its passwordless authentication capabilities to include support for passkeys.