Knowledge Summit 2023 Discusses Significance Of Enhancing Cybersecurity

On the sidelines of the eighth edition of the ‘Knowledge Summit,’ a panel discussion titled ‘Shielding the future: Cybersecurity imperatives in the 5th industrial revolution’ stressed the current cybersecurity landscape, AI-driven threats, as well as essential defenses and tools necessary to counter cyber-attacks.

The speakers of the sessions were Kawther Haciane, Security Leader for Gulf, Levant, and Pakistan, IBM; Sebastian Madden, Chief Corporate Development Officer, PGI, and Middle East Lead, CREST; and Salwa Alessa, Director of Information Security and Quality Governance, DETASAD. The session was moderated by Maliha Rashid, Managing Director and Security Lead, Accenture Middle East.

Salwa Alessa underscored the need for organizations and individuals to possess enhanced cyber resilience, highlighting that the Middle East is the second-most targeted region globally for cyberattacks. She further highlighted the significance of channeling collective efforts to counter these threats.

Alessa further emphasized the importance of ensuring that all employees in companies receive cybersecurity training to effectively combat and prevent cyber-attacks. She also highlighted the pivotal role of collaborations between governmental entities, several companies, academic institutions, and other stakeholders to build a unified defense in cybersecurity.

For his part, Sebastian Madden underlined the need for providing continuous cybersecurity training for all professionals, highlighting the need to possess the necessary skills to combat cyber threats. He also elaborated on the importance of communication, collaboration, writing, documentation, and leadership skills in combating cyber threats, pointing out that there is a significant need for a secure space for information exchange and sharing experiences.

Madden further shed light on some cybersecurity initiatives in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Oman, all of which aim to enhance cyber resilience in the Arabian Gulf region. He highlighted the necessity of keeping pace with various cutting-edge cybersecurity technologies and the need to enhance relevant skills.

Kawther Haciane illuminated the central role of human interaction in enhancing cybersecurity. She underscored enhancing supply chain resilience, as a threat impacting a specific company could affect all other interconnected institutions.

Haciane explained that the increasing volume of data presents significant security challenges, necessitating the integration of modern technologies like AI and machine learning into cybersecurity strategies, with human intervention being the primary defense.

Haciane also emphasized concentrating on time in cybersecurity management, especially given the rapid changes in today’s technology.

The Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation (MBRF) is organizing the eighth edition of the ‘Knowledge Summit’ in collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), under the theme ‘Knowledge Cities and the Fifth Industrial Revolution.’ The summit is taking place at the Dubai World Trade Center between November 21 and 22, with virtual sessions continuing on November 23, 2023. The summit features a broad participation of experts, leaders, government officials, and specialists from various fields worldwide.