Oman’s NSSG Awarded Cybersecurity Company of the Year

National Security Services Group (NSSG), Oman’s leading cybersecurity service provider, announced its latest distinction as the Cybersecurity Company of the Year at the OER Corporate Excellence Awards 2023, held on November 8th.

This prestigious accolade, conferred by His Excellency Sayyid Saud bin Hilal al Busaidi, Minister of State and Governor of Muscat, and accepted by Warith Al Maawali, Acting Chief Executive Officer of NSSG, underscores NSSG’s exceptional proficiency in cybersecurity and its pivotal role in the MENA region.

“At NSSG, we are steadfast in our commitment to being Oman’s trusted partner in crafting a secure and resilient digital future, in line with the nation’s 2040 vision,” declared Warith Al Maawali.

“Our dedicated team, spread across five operational departments, delivers bespoke cybersecurity solutions using specialized tools to combat cybercrime. Achieving CREST accreditation for penetration testing and an ISO 27001 certification first in the MENA region demonstrates our leadership in providing high-quality and innovative cybersecurity solutions.”

Warith Al Maawali, renowned developer of the globally recognized security and privacy operating system, Linux Kodachi, the NSSG R&D team has made significant strides. This includes developing internationally acclaimed tools such as DCapusla, HashStike, and PassRay, further cementing NSSG’s position as a leader in cybersecurity innovation. His trailblazing efforts are central to NSSG’s quality, innovation, and integrity ethos in cybersecurity. Looking forward, NSSG envisions expanding its bespoke services and proprietary products globally, leveraging its expertise and esteemed recognition to fortify its status as a global cybersecurity authority.

NSSG adopts a holistic approach to cybersecurity, addressing both technological innovations and the human aspect of security to ensure a robust defense against cyber threats. The organization’s commitment to staff training and awareness is integral to its comprehensive security strategy.