Group-IB Claims No Breach At Egypt’s Fawry

Fawry, Egypt’s leading e-payments solutions provider, announces hiring Group-IB, a renowned multinational cybersecurity firm, to comprehensively examine Fawry’s systems and applications catering to individual and institutional clients.

Group-IB has successfully conducted a comprehensive examination of the infrastructure supporting the company’s applications utilized by our clients. Their findings affirm that there has been no breach or data leakage, reassuring us that the system is entirely secure for use by both individuals and institutions.

The regulatory authorities have been promptly apprised of Group-IB’s diligent work, and Fawry expresses sincere gratitude to all regulatory entities that collaborated closely throughout the inspection process.

In light of these examinations by both Fawry and Group-IB, Fawry assures its users that no data concerning cards used in its applications or any financial transactions related to individuals and institutions has been compromised. The use of these applications remains entirely safe.

Additionally, Fawry confirms that the temporary suspension of the myFawry application yesterday resulted from unprecedented customer demand exceeding the application’s capacity. Fawry assures its customers that with a measured and composed approach, all applications will soon return to normal functionality.

Furthermore, the company pledges to undertake thorough verification procedures regarding information circulated on various websites. This will be done only after ensuring the integrity of the infrastructure supporting applications for individuals and institutions.