IDC Recognises PhishRod as an Innovator

PhishRod has been named by the IDC as an innovator in phishing readiness and security awareness in their recent report – ‘IDC Innovators: Phishing Platform Provider — Middle East, Turkey, and Africa, 2023’. Document number: META51250923

The cyber threat landscape is constantly evolving. Hackers are finding sophisticated ways to infiltrate organizations, bypassing technology controls and targeting end users. End users ultimately have become the first line of defense to ensure cybersecurity. PhishRod understands that end-user behaviour transformation is critical and is committed to helping organizations enhance cybersecurity awareness by offering effective phishing readiness, security awareness, and phishing incident response.

PhishRod has been selected based on its expertise in automated phishing incident response, security awareness LMS, phishing simulator, VR-based gamified learning experiences, and AI driven cybersecurity awareness agent.

“Being recognized as an IDC Innovator validates our commitment to help organizations transform end-user behaviour. It further strengthens our resolve to continue to innovate our product, pioneering as a change maker in the cybersecurity awareness paradigm and helping organizations fortify against emerging cyber threats,” said Syed Abid Ali, Co-Founder and CCO of PhishRod.