ZorroSign Announces Its Integration With Provenance Blockchain

ZorroSign, a data security company built on multi-chain blockchain, has announced its advanced integration with Provenance Blockchain, the leading decentralized blockchain purpose-built for financial services with over $8 billion in real-world financial asset total value locked (TVL).

This crucial integration allows ZorroSign users to store digital document information—including signers, signatures and transaction metadata—on the Provenance Blockchain and verify the immutability of that data on the blockchain via digital certificates with audit trails.

Public blockchains, like Provenance Blockchain, offer a number of benefits for data privacy and data security, including decentralization (improving data’s resistance to hacking and data breaches), transparency (improving audits and tracking of data), and cryptography (which protects data from being accessed or altered without permission). Healthcare providers, for example, can better manage patient records and clinical trials data in a secure and privacy-preserving way. Financial service providers can manage financial transactions and customer data in a secure and compliant way. And government agencies can manage land records, voting systems, and other important government data in a secure and transparent way.

“We are thrilled to offer the security and transparency of the Provenance Blockchain to ZorroSign users,” said Shamsh Hadi, CEO and co-founder of ZorroSign. “Originally built on the private Hyperledger Fabric blockchain architecture, our platform is now operating as a cross-chain data security solution. We are proud to bring the cryptographic security and resilience of blockchain technology to our global users across fintech, government, healthcare, law, real estate, and so many other verticals.”

Purpose-built for the financial services and insurance industry, Provenance Blockchain is routinely the blockchain of choice for tokenization. The platform has played a key role in several financial services firsts, including the first blockchain-native consumer loans, first asset-backed securitization on blockchain, and the first bank-minted tokenized deposits in the United States. Provenance Blockchain is leveraged by more than 70 leading financial institutions including Apollo Global Management, Hamilton Lane, Guaranteed Rate, and innovative fintechs.

“ZorroSign is the global leading blockchain-enabled platform uniting digital signatures, identity-as-a-service, contract lifecycle management (CLM), privacy compliance, patented fraud prevention, user authentication, and document validation to efficiently address the challenges of electronic document security for financial institutions, fintechs, government organizations, and individuals,” said Dan Garzia, Provenance Blockchain Foundation Chief Marketing Officer. “The collaboration with ZorroSign aligns strategically with our mission to modernize financial services.”